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My lessons assume that you know a little about asm before reading. These are not begginners lessons because those are all over the place! These are for people who have already begun learning ASM.
Notice, all these are .txt files (either before, or after being unzipped) best viewed in Dos Edit. Questions and requests are welcome!!

Lesson 1This is a short lesson explaining the concept of FindPixel Routines
Lesson 2This is an explanation of the Simulated 16 bit addition, use of the carry flag.
Lesson 3This is a simple explanation and example of using the VAT to access data on the calculator
Lesson 4The basics of absolut addressing and transferring data using absolut addressing. A follow up on Lesson 3 and finding external data from a program, and using that data.
Lesson 5This lesson is on the use of the most simple version of interrupts. This would be useful for counters and other constant routines other than greyscale. IM 1 interrupts are included, and IM 2 interrupts usually are used for greyscale routines for several reasons.
Lesson 6This is the Easiest of the lessons, i know they are out of order a little. This explains scrolling the screen horizontally one pixel at a time
Other peoples Tutorials
A short description of them
CyberThese are 3 short lessons explaining the basics of binary, and assembly. View the fourth file, the basics of the RAM and ROM on an 86.
view his four lessons in text here:
|-1- |-2- |-3- |-4- |
Trent's LessonsThese are trent's tutorials for assembly, i believe it goes over his games such as Frogger.
Ahmed'sThese are ahmed el hewl's assembly tutorial files. They go over the really basic such as registers and loading them with values.

Lesson 1This is a begginers lesson that will teach the basics very well. This is not in Text Format, but this makes it even easier to learn from.
LessonThis is a huge lesson that expands on everything from the basics to the hard stuff. Made by Dux Grehgis.
BasixThis is a simple lesson that teaches the very basics of assembly language for the TI-86 (Zilog Z80) processor.

Glossary This is actually the glossary of terms from Cyber Optics Page. But it has been modified slightly.
86 PortsMy guess is that this document was indefatigably researched, it is amazingly accurate (except for one thing...), It has information on all of the ports, written by Alan Bailey.
z80href This is a file showing all the available commands though its not a great learning tool, it is a helpful document sometimes.
z80clock cycles This will help you optimize your routines for extra speed! Remember, with only 6mhz every clock cycle counts!
Vat Description This is a Description of the Vat, useful for searching for variables. Very comprehensive.
BlitzGry.hThis is an .include file for grayscale graphics routines. It was made by Dux I believe, and works very well. I adapted it so that it would work with TASM. Here is a grayscale demo.

Routines by James Rubingh
4x4 Sprite RoutineThis will draw 4x4 sprites to the screen in black and white.
12x12 Grayscale SpriteThis will draw a 12x12 sprite to the screen both at $ca00 and $fc00.

If you still need to learn the basics of assembly, you can look at trent lillehugen's frogger tutorial about the source code to his game frogger, or go to the usgard school, which is very similar to 86 asm programming, written by Jimmy mardell.
If you are looking for more detailed information or more complex asm functions, like interupts, grayscale, absolute addressing and the VAT (like with external levels) definately visit Optic 2000's asm 86 page.

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