These are all games that I think are either very good, or healthy for learning assembly language proggramming. All files are ziplocked. There are also some
Rascall compatible 85 games.

Quick go down to the 86 asm utilities.

The GamesA short description
BG dont hate me just cause it sucksBored Generation 86 by James Rubingh, the only skateboarding game for the 86
JS10 a small Nibbles clone, for learners of ASM
AuroraThis is an old shell, it's good if you want an advanced GUI and dont want 85 string support
BD this is another great game by Jimmy MardellBoulder Dash by Jimmy Mardell. A great game, that includes the source file.
Drug Wars 86This is a text based game. If youve ever played a drug dealing game before on the calculator, you know what its like.
Fish14A great fishing game. Keeps me busy for class periods in a row
FroggerYou are a frog, try to cross the street without getting crushed by cars, very fun
ImpuzzibleThis is a thinking game, Its all right.
Insane86A puzzle game for thinkers. Also has two player mode and Action mode, good game.
JoltimaA role playing game, its very big but pretty interesting
Mario 86This is a GREAT mario game for the ti-86. It has an external level editor and great graphics, if you want to fail your math class. Get this game, it will keep your attention for hours
Maze 3DThis is a pretty cool 3D maze, it is modeled after the 85 game Daedalus by Andreas ess. Very slick and quick 3D greyscale graphics.
OrzunoidAn alleyway type game by P. Davidson. Use a paddle to hit the bricks with the ball.
PACMAN98a great pacman by Patrick Davidson, scrolls up and down!! includes source.
pede86This is pede, the game is good, and the programmer is really helpful so i put the game here
PenguinsPenguins is a side scrolling game like SQRXZ, I dont like it much cause you cant kill bad guys, and it moves really fast if the screen isn't scrolling
Plain JumpAn excellent 3d game by Jimmy Mardell, its really fast, and includes a source code for learners. New version of the old 85 game.
Quest 3 v1.1aThis is a fantastic RPG game ported from an 85 Usgard version by kirk meyer. It is extremely tricky with a nonlinear plot. Originally by Macross software
RascallThe best shell for 86's available, emulates 85 asm files including ZShell,PhatOs,Rigel,and Usgard 1.5+ games. Has Password, and memLocking.
Repton86 A boulder dash type game by Mathew Shepcar. Very good game, source is included also
SC2KSim Community by kirk meyer, a GREAT game. 3d perspective and interesting animation. This file has been updated 980626. version
SolytareSolytare, just like the Windows version with a mouse, very good game
SquarezA tetris style game by Jimmy Mardell, very fun to play
SQRXZIt's the 
greatest!Well, sorry Jimmy, i dont think that this is the best game anymore, I like vertigo now. This is still second though, and much fun! By jimmy mardell.
ThreepntThis is Three Point Shootout by THE RICK (ricky wallace). Great game, ya gotta play it some time!
Tie FighterThis is an alright game. It could have been done better, but i have to support STAW WARS games!
Tron86A classic game ported by Alan Bailey from the 85 ZShell version. A simple, yet addicting game.
ZBlitzThis is a chess game by Dux (i dont know how to spell his last name). I think its good.
Zkart3dThis is a 3d racing game, its pretty cool and fast
ZtetrisTetris by Jimmy Mardell, a great game with two player action over the link!!
Vertigowow, this is a great game, you should play itDo you realize what this is? This is the greatest game to ever be made for the ti-86 calculator.This game is even better than Sqrxz, and it has greyscale graphics, not to mention 3d effects. Get it!! i'm playing it right now as we speak.
VexedThis is a really tricky puzzle game where you get rid of blocks by matching patterns
And downright useless things that are still cool!
ASM86.HThe hard-to-find include file for your own 86 asm games
Ti86asmThese are the ti include files for making your own games
ASM86These are sample 86 source code files, to learn assembly
bmp2asmA dos program by trent L. that changes 128x64 .bmp files to asm files, very useful for title screens.
Itchy AnimationAn animation of itchy and scratchy, its just cool!
PIC2RLEThis is a good utility to use, it compresses pictures so that it wont take up 1024 bytes all of the time. It works amazingly well with BMP2ASM, which is above, and included in this zip.
RedDressA grayscale dancing girl, takes all your memory but its worth it!!
secure86This is a very useful password program, if youre not using Rascall, you might want it.
Test InterruptThis is a great program that shows how to program interrupts in IM 1.
TI-86 ROMThis is a ti- 86 rom image, usable for any Emulator or anything. it is illegal to download this if you dont have a ti- 86.

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