These are a few 85 asm games that I like, these all work fine on the 86 Rascall Shell, ive tested them on my calculator, please email me with any problems.

Area 51X-files game 
hahahaThis is a game where you drive around in a tank shooting the ufo, that says UFO on it
AvengerThis is a shoot em up alien game for Usgard, it has good graphics
BalloonBalloon is a great game for usgard where you are a balloon and you must get out of a house, fighting and avoiding gravity, candles, cats,fans, desks, and much more!
BreakDanceA twisted game of simon as you imitate a dancing man, cool graphics.
DuckhuntThis is a very similar game to the classic Nintendo version, pretty interesting
Dr. MarioThis is a 
keeperClassic Dr. Mario game, like columns, it has good graphics
DstarThis is a thinking game where you move a box and a circle, its very addicting
Eye AnimationThis makes me laugh just thinking about it! Its just an animation of two eyes, that blink and get bloodshot! have staring contests with your calulator
GalaxianA alien fighting game, you must use your space ship to shoot the alien space ships, very fast game!
Space InvadersSpace invaders for ZShell, very fun game, and quite interesting
Mario LandThis is a really short game, but I think its still better than Penguins. I do caution you, once it crashed my calculator.
MrMega racersMega Racers by will Stokes, pretty good game, its kinda big though, good graphics though
Mutiny2Mutiny2 is a remake of an older shooting game, This one is far better and faster, great game!
Orzunoid 85Believe it or not, I think this orzunoid is better than the 86 equivalent!!
RacinRacin is a kinda cool racing game around a really short track
TunnelsThis is a really fast vertical scrolling game.

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