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SATURDAY 1.23.99
I finally released and added Arkanoid v.8. As you may have noticed, this version is a lower number than the last beta version. The people at Ticalc wont add the new version, they just have the old version, I dont know why..
I also added a 4x4 sprite routine on the programming page more routines to come. If you have a request, like a 7x4 grayscale routine or something wierd, email me

THURSDAY 12.31.98

TUESDAY 12.22.98
Okay ti-86 programmers. I dont know what the problem is, but i think that we should be trying to make games of this TI-89 game's quality

SUNDAY 12.20.98
Sorry about the lack of updates, since the last update my computer crashed, and i have been working on another calculator-unrelated webpage dedicated to amateur philosophy and capricious youth

TUESDAY 12.8.98
The ACZ has gotten a new URL on Matt2000's server.

WEDNESDAY 12.2.1998
I added Quest 3 v1.1a by Kirk Meyer, originally by Macross software to the 86 archives. This is an amazing game, you should at least play it once, you might get hooked.

MONDAY 11.30.1998
I am now officially a member of the ACZ, assembly coders zenith. Just thought i would inform you. =)

SUNDAY 11.29.1998
NEWS: If you happen to have a TI-85, make sure that you check out the FF7 demo movie that was released at, just thought you should know

TUESDAY 11.24.1998
I added a Demo program of my project Arkanoid (previously called "Blyp"). Feel free to download it, look at the source, play it, smash it, or whatever. Then please send me your comments. I am also trying to think of another survey to add, if you have any ideas please drop me a line. I also Added a third Survey to the surveys!

MONDAY 11.16.1998
I added a BUNCH of GameBoy games to the GameBoy games section. You can download a good emulator and play them if you want. I also added PIC2RLE a picture compression utility for ti86 programmers.

MONDAY 11.09.1998
I finally added the sixth lesson to my homemade lessons collection. It is a very simple lesson on scrolling the entire screen sideways one pixel quickly.

TUESDAY 11.04.1998
Non calculator related, i added a literature section to my page with some of my favorite literature.

SUNDAY 11.01.1998
I added another survey to the surveys section, please feel free to vote for more than one choice, but dont vote several times for the same thing. I think you might have to wait an hour between votes too cause it wont let you vote as many times as you want =) Vote here

FRIDAY 10.30.1998
I added a new Survey section to the page. You can enter your vote here!!

THURSDAY 10.29.1998
I added a better ICQ panel for contacting me when im online, and i added a couple more midi files to the staff page. I do have a lesson 6 under development about scrolling images, but im having trouble making it a lesson, since its not too difficult to scroll images. Email me with any comments.

MONDAY 10.26.1998
I added two cool banners to the page, DONT CLICK ON THEM IF YOU DONT WANT TO, they arent those kind of banners. I also added a link to the top 50 sites page.

SATURDAY 10.24.1998
I added a few GameBoy games to the Game boy game section, and one half of a project under development.

FRIDAY 10.23.1998
I added an FTP link to so that people could download some ti86 Source code to assembly programs. I Dont know for sure, but i dont think that this works on all browsers. I use MSIE 4.0 and Netscape 4.06 and it works on both.

THURSDAY 10.22.1998
I deleted the Reviews Page because it isnt very important information, the section wasnt growing because i recieved ONE submitted review from visitors since my page went up.

TUESDAY 10.20.1998
I added some midi files to my neatly organized collection of useless files. You can listen to them in the Staff section. I will also add a link to my teacher's website, its kinda cool to see one of my teachers step into the 20th century =)

SUNDAY 10.18.1998
I updated the link to Optic 2000's page, which was now taken over by David Phillips. He hosts the page now, update your links to point here. I changed a couple of things around the site, just little stuff

THURSDAY 10.15.1998
I changed around the format a little. I combined the Feedback and the Pager sections into the single paging section, and added a Staff section. Of course I am currently the only one on the staff, but if you would like to join, send in an email

SUNDAY 10.11.1998
I added Some of the GameBoy information that i have collected over time. I will add some simple lessons as soon as possible for people learning how to program it. later that same day I added a TON of games, and made it look cleaner and stuff in the GameBoy section

WEDNESDAY 10.7.1998
I finally got back online after a week. My modem was messed up. I decided to finally start adding the GameBoy section to the Page. If you have any requests email them to me. I plan on having a few good games too. But you have to find an emulator yourself. i use GB97 is really good.

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