My Projects Under Construction
Bored Generation 2This is already under construction, it is already 50% done. BUT I QUIT MAKING IT FOR NOW, I RAN INTO A PROBLEM AND SINCE I AM A SLACKER I QUIT hehehe. It will have smooth scrolling, and more features, since many people complained about how plain my last version was. So far there is an external level select screen for supporting external levels. The man is drawn and he jumps up and down with the trash cans and pop cans smoothly scrolling. The Beta version should be out very soon, and a final version shortly after.
Hey heres some screen shots!

Nice huh? Look familiar???
ArkanoidThis is an orzunoid clone (previously called "Blyp"), I thought that i could do it well, so i decided to try. I am a little farther in making this game, so i decided to release a demo and the source too. Please Download it and send me any comments about what you think it needs and any bugs. Please read the .txt file when mailing me.
Lesson So far i really dont even know what to do my seventh lesson on. Im thinking about different topics, email me with any suggestions please.
CombatThis is what you could call the TITLE 
SCREEN, but he says more screen shots are coming soon.This is a game by Dave. It has to do with Tanks and it is a warfare game, he wont tell me much more. This should be coming out very soon.
Rumor No this game is not called "Rumor", but here is a rumor for you. Well, i heard a rumor that there is going to be a Side scrolling 'jump and run' game similar to SQRXZ, with two directional scrolling, and weapons. There were some whispers of ACZ in the mix. I played a Demo, it was looking very good!

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