Hey People, this is my rage page.
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This is the page my friends

The microphone explodes, shattering the molds...
So you think you know everything about Rage Against The Machine??? find out more!!

Yo, this picture makes you think dude. Is the freedom of people to opress worth the lives of our youth?


rage boyzrage boyzrage boyz

This picture is the shit!


Rage Against The machine Believes in Freedom, helping other less fortunate people out, and sharing the wealth of knowledge and insight. If you dont belive in these you need to go here to find yourself.
Zach (and i, mostly cause of rage though) is a strong supporter of EZLN
They just want to fight for their rights to thought, religion, and land. They dont ask for anything but what was theirs before it was taken away
They are located in Chiapas Mexico. For more info go HERE They are a group of people fighting for what is thiers, they think of violence as only a last resort, and they think of weapons as a curse.

I am personally not as socialist as Rage against the machine or the people that they tend to support, but you can go here to learn more about Marxism, Lenenism, and Socialism. Rage Against the Machine is also a supporter of Che Guevara, so you could read up on him, though hes dead now, some of his ideas were good.

(c) most of this stuff was taken from other Rage Against the Machine Sites
i apologize if i took something from your page.
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