More stolen documents for you

   Some sound stuff-
     by Micah Dowty
  Thanks to Dr. Pan of Anthrox for the register info
  Thanks for the frequency table on your web page, Jeff

These are some simple sound functions I wrote.  I
fully documented them with everything I know about
the registers, so if you have a question about one of
the sound parameters, I probably don't know.  They
were written with AdvGBIDE version 0.65 by Megaman_X.
If you want to use TASM or GBDK, they are easily trans-

There are 2 examples, sound.agl which makes a nice
sounding middle C.  sound2.agl also makes a middle C,
but uses a beep similar to the PC speaker. So far, 
these files only use channel 2.


  function  - description

  set_chs   -  Set up the channel regs. Should be called
    I+II       first.

  nice_note -  Make a nice sounding note, freq. in HL
  beep_on   -  Start making a beep, freq. in HL
  ch2_off   -  Silence sound on channel 2

I hope these routines are useful! Use them freely, but
give me credit. (At least in your source code)