The GameBoy Related Links

All programmers should know that official information about programming the GameBoy is hard to find, these links might help you find some good sites though. Also be aware that many people use other means of programming the GameBoy, so it might not apply to programming with TASM.

Jeff'sThis page is very good. It has several sections, and all of them are useful for programming the GameBoy. He has almost everything you could need for programming, but not all of it applies to using TASM to make a game.
G.B.D.P.This is a GameBoy Documents Page. It has pretty much everything that you could want to know about programming the GameBoy, information wise.
G.F.This is a programming colition called GeneticFantasia, last i checked the site was undergoing some major overhauls.
NintendoLast and Least on the list is, this site sucks when it comes to programming of the GameBoy, but since technically they might have had something to do with the GameBoys production, so... i will add their crappy site to my list.

All stuff on this page was collected from all over the web. Dont blame James Rubingh for any problems