The GameBoy ROM Files

  • This is another name for Games. They are called Rom images because it is read only memory when it is installed on the GameBoy.

    These are Nintendo "professional" games
    AladdinThis may be a little kids Disney Movie, but it is a well programmed GameBoy game. You might want to check it out.
    AlleywayThis is a great game where you have to try and make all of the blocks at the top of the screen dissapear by hitting them with a ball and a paddle
    Batman ForeverThis is a Batman game, you have to go around kicking people in the head
    Blades of steelThis is a hockey game. It is a little hard to play, but its cool
    Boulder DashThis is Boulder Dash. I like it because i like the one for the TI-86
    ContraThis is a Nintendo Classic game. You have to battle the aliens and try to blow the crap out of them.
    Cool SpotThis is a cool game, get it cool? anyways, you are the little dot from the 7up bottles and its pretty cool
    Desert StrikeThis is a helicopter game where you have to go around killing other people (not my idea of a good time) but its still a pretty cool game
    Donkey Kong LandThis is a very good game, it has some amazing graphics. You should really try downloading it just for you own entertainment sake. I would give somebody mucho respect if they could get some graphics going like these.
    Empire Strikes BackWoa! I know I like Star Wars but this is insane cool. You can ride on Hoth, and all kinds of stuff
    Fifa 98This is a GREAT soccer game. It has very good graphics and very good AI for a GameBoy game
    Final FantasyThis is Final fantasy, its kinda cool if you like role playing games
    Final Fantasy 3This is another final fantasy game. Its also kewl
    FlintstonesThis is a Flintstones game. You are fred, and you go around town hitting stuff...
    GarfieldThis game has some cool graphics. It is from the cartoon Garfield
    GodzillaHey, this is a foreign game. You have to do something but i cant read japenese or whatever language it is
    HatrisThis game is more like collumns, you have to bring hats down from the top
    Indiana JonesThis game has some very nice graphics, including one screen shot of Harrison Ford's face that is almost real
    Ishido2"ummmm... it's the game of stones... in japanese, and there is no way in hell anyone is ever gonna figure out how to play it..." -JBrett
    Mortal KombatThis is the classic game. It kinda slow though, it has really choppy graphics.
    Skate Or dieThis is a great game!! You can skateboard around the town.
    Star WarsThis is a very cool version of Star Wars, i would recomend it over the Empire Strikes back version above
    Super Mario Land 2This is the classic game Super Mario Brothers for the GameBoy.. A very Good Game right here
    Super RCThis is a racing game, you have to race the cars i think
    TennisThis is a tennis game, its kinda cool and its also a very good game overall.
    TetrisThis is the original GameBoy tetris, Jimmy Mardell mimicked this game with ZTetris for all the TI calcs
    TecmoBowlThis is my favorite Game Boy game ever written. I think that it is fantastic. Football has never been better.
    Top GunThis game should go under the column, "Games that Suck".
    Battle arena toshindenThis is a very cool fighting game. I personally like it more than mortal kombat
    TMNT 3This is Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. I always liked these games, you knock people out and they dissapear and you win...
    Wave RaceThis is what i like to call, an exact port from the N64 version. other than the fact that its from an overhead view and its a little slower...
    Wayne's WorldYes, this is the Saturday Night Live skit from back when SNL was still funny... It has hilarious graphics
    WWFThis is a world wrestling game. i think its pretty cool
    ZeldaThis is the Legend of Zelda right here, this game is great. I love to play it when im bored or whatever. This is one of the greateset role playing games ever made, and in my opinion the best for the GameBoy

    These are unliscensed games
    ClownThis is a 3d rotating Clown. I think it is just flashing a bunch of pictures to make it look animated, but its still cool. Zoom Mario is better 3d calculations.
    DungeonThis is a 3d raycasting engine, kinda. It looks like one but i think technically it isnt really a raycasting engine because it doesnt scroll like the TI-85 Daedalus game. It is still very cool
    PeepShowThese are some pretty cool pictures... um, kinda stupid though
    Poke97I love this game. Its a simple game that was made by a fellow programmer. In other words it wasnt made by nintendo or liscensed by nintendo or anything.
    SQRXZthis is a dope gameThis is a great game by Icarus Productions, Jimmy Mardell is one of the greatest TI-86 programmers to ever live. And he is part of this developing team.
    Zoom MarioThis is a realtime calculated 3d picture of Mario! this is a major programming acomplishment if you ask me